Intro to Awesomeness

Being a call center agent means you will earn more money than many other Filipino workers. If you can pass the interview, you know that being awake at night and reducing your daylight social life is worth sacrificing just to receive a few more pennies than a factory worker or a normal Office Staff. But it will grow old. There are some days that you will wish to become a normal employee that is going to work every morning and going home at prevning (pre-evening, usually before dinner). The salary is low, but you know that you’re healthy and happy. Your day offs are weekends and you actually have a life.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a call center agent is wonderful. You get to meet liberated (in a good way) friends and have an intelligent conversation with them. Your colleagues are usually friendly. The training is always fun and boring at the same time (imagine being paid to learn and yawn and drink coffee) and of course, you get good money from it.

The career growth is very fast as well. It usually doesn’t matter if you’re undergraduate or not. There’s no discrimination, and if there is, you can actually file an Incident Report against them and put their job into jeopardy.

This post is just the beginning. I am going through a huge stress right now, and this blog site will help. I don’t care if someone will read it. One thing that’s important is for me to put my feelings into a single webpage that I can access anytime as long as I have my laptop with me with internet access. If there’s no internet access, I can just save it offline and upload it when I have the time.

I am a very fun blogger. I am usually humorous depending on how sensitive you are. If you get my jokes or not, feel free to comment below. You can also criticize me when I post offensive posts then feel free to leave my webpage. It’s not yours, it’s supposed to be personal. I am not expecting any readers and I am not expecting to become a trending writer.

I will post more. In tagalog, next time. With bad words and everything. Be warned.

– Popol Salutem